Israel Study Trip

Exciting Features:

  • Nearly three weeks in Israel
  • Special lectures
  • Daily instruction from Dr. Grisanti
  • Free time in Jerusalem for personal exploration
  • Archaeological dig at Shiloh

Trip Overview:

The Israel Study Trip focuses on the land of the Bible and how the geography, topography, archaeology, and history of that land sheds light on our understanding of Scripture. Students traverse the Holy Land with adventures and lectures from the faculty guide along the way. Dr. Michael Grisanti, an OT professor at TMS, serves as the guide for the trip and provides instruction at the sites. He studied at the Institute of Holy Land Studies and has led over twenty trips to Israel.

Special Opportunity:

Towards the end of the trip, the group will spend a few hours working alongside the archaeological staff from the Associates of Biblical Research at the dig they are conducting at Tel Shiloh. If a person who participates in the TMS Israel study trip wants to work for the week after our trip ends, they can check the ABR website that explains their archaeological dig and the costs related to joining that dig.

Associates for Biblical Research – Shiloh Dig

Important Considerations:

  • This is a study trip and as such everyone on the trip will be required to participate in lectures and exams. Everyone on the trip needs to be considered Dr. Grisanti’s students in order for him to act as the official guide of the trip without an Israeli guide present.
  • Participants in the trip must be prepared for full days of walking (including steps up and down). You will be tired at the end of the day, but will be overjoyed at what you are learning and blessed by the fellowship of fellow-students of the Word.
  • Participants need to be in general agreement with the TMS doctrinal statement. Teaching will be from a futuristic or dispensational, premillennial perspective, expecting the nation of Israel (made up of believing Israelites) to be established once again in the land of promise. Questions about this can be directed to Dr. Grisanti.

2018 TMS Israel Study Trip

Registration Deadline: Registration closed

Trip Date: May 14–June 4, 2018

Full Trip Cost: $4310.00 (credit card) OR $4160.00 (cash/check)

Registration Details: There are 40 spots available for the Israel Study Trip. First preference is given to current TMS students and their wives. A non-refundable $520 (credit card) OR $500 (cash/check) deposit and completed registration form is required for all participants. Registration forms and deposits will be accepted from those who are not TMS students, but those people will be placed on a waiting list until the registration deadline. Deposit refunds are available only for these waitlisted people who cannot participate due to our space limitations.

Full Trip Details: TMS Israel Study Trip Details

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For questions, please contact:

Dr. Michael A. Grisanti 
Director of Israel Studies Trip

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