Spanish Bilingual Program

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Why is TMS offering courses in Spanish?

The Master’s Seminary has a global vision because Christ’s mission is to ransom people for God from every tribe, language, people, and nation. Thus, we train men to reach people in the uttermost parts of the world (TMS currently has men serving in over 40 different countries). Since Spanish is the second most common spoken language in the world, we believe Christ would desire that we reach Spanish speakers with His truth.

In addition, the Spanish speaking world is ripe for harvest. Millions of Spanish speakers have become disenfranchised with the Roman Catholic church and are open to hearing the truth of Scripture. The timing is urgent and the objective is imperative.

Yet, the most convincing reason why The Master’s Seminary is now offering courses in Spanish is because we are uniquely positioned to do so. Not only is Spanish spoken by nearly 40 million people in the United States, Spanish is the dominant language of approximately 4.7 million people living in Southern California. This reality allows us to train men in the context of local church ministry.

While there are a few seminaries in the United States who offer programs in Spanish, most of them offer their degrees in a purely online or modular format. The Master’s Seminary believes that training ought to occur in the context of ministry, with students being discipled in a hands-on environment. TMS can provide this environment in Spanish, since not only does Grace Community Church boast of a large Spanish speaking congregation, Los Angeles also contains thousands of Spanish speaking local churches.

What is being taught in Spanish and by whom?

Rather than having a different curriculum for Spanish speaking students, TMS’s core classes are identical in both Spanish and English. This is because the spiritual needs of mankind and the truth of the Gospel do not change from culture to culture, nor from language to language. Thus, academically qualified and godly Spanish speaking men teach the same courses that are taught in English at TMS.

The extra benefit is that bilingual students are able to choose certain classes in English and other classes in Spanish, knowing that the material they receive in each will be of the same content and quality.

Does TMS offer any degrees completely in Spanish?

The Master’s Seminary is currently offering up to half of the M.Div. degree in the Spanish language. This pilot program has gone very well. In fact, the response to this program is what caused The Master’s Seminary to seek approval from our accreditation organization to offer both a Master of Arts in Biblical Exposition and Master of Divinity completely in Spanish.

How can you get involved in the program?

Please pray that the Lord would grant great wisdom as we embark on this most important endeavor. In addition, if you know of a Spanish speaker who might be interested in receiving training, please have him contact us at:, or (818) 909-5571. Finally, if you would be interested in providing a scholarship for a Spanish speaking student, please contact our offices at: (818) CALL-TMS

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