Did you know that, in addition to Los Angeles, The Master’s Seminary offers a fully-accredited M. Div. program in: Central CaliforniaMontana, Texas,  Washington DC, and Washington state? Today’s article features our distance location in Washington DC.

If you live near our nation’s capital and are considering seminary, here are some compelling advantages to pursuing your education there:

1. The unique focus of The Master’s Seminary

The Master’s Seminary has a laser-like focus on pastoral training. All of the classes in this four-year program are designed with the future pastor in mind. Courses build toward preaching, and every class shows the practical applications of the content on the life of the local church.

This program is only for men, and specifically for those who are seeking to be elder-qualified according to 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. By placing a premium on godliness, the classroom environment is one of fellowship among those who desire to serve the church.

Moreover, The Master’s Seminary has a defined theology. Rooted in baptistic principles from a premillennial tradition, this program is committed to grounding students in our theological tradition. By stressing the sovereignty of God over all things, combined with the love for evangelism that should mark every pastor, The Master’s Seminary has a distinct focus. Our goal is to make students theologically precise and pastorally prepared.

2. The caliber of professors

At our Washington DC location, one-third of our classes are live-streamed from Los Angeles, one-third are pre-recorded (video on demand), and one-third are taught in-person. The result is a collaboration of some of the most widely respected professors in their field. By combining different technological approaches with classroom education, our campus is able to provide exposure to exceptional instructors with a legacy of academic accomplishments.

Our President, Dr. John MacArthur, partners with Dr. Steve Lawson to teach our preaching classes. Dr. Nathan Busenitz teaches Historical Theology, while our languages are taught by those who have multiple earned doctorates. Pastoral ministry is taught in person by local pastors, and students are placed in discipleship relationships with elders from their local church. In short, this program excels academically and pastorally.

3. The class size

Students go through this program in cohorts of ten. This small class size allows fellowship and classroom interaction that prepares men for ministry. It develops relationships that will last a lifetime, and that will carry over into ministry.

While some other seminaries offer low student/teacher ratios, few can do it with the quality of professor that The Master’s Seminary offers. In a sense, this is the best of both worlds—top level professors combined with small classes in an environment that emphasizes discipleship.

4. Partnership with local churches

The Master’s Seminary, Washington DC, has a strong relationship with local churches. While the program is based out of Immanuel Bible Church (in Springfield, VA), most of the students are members of other churches and are discipled by their own local church pastors. This arrangement allows students to gain ministry experience in a familiar environment, while immediately applying what they are learning in class.

We recognize that it is churches who make pastors, not seminaries. By partnering with your church, we enable them to send off our graduates into a life of ministry (The Master’s Seminary has 1,500 graduates, 1,200 of which are currently in vocational ministry).

5. A full-time education on a part-time schedule

Because the Washington DC classroom is a distance location, there is flexibility in our approach to instruction. Classes are structured so that time away from home and family is limited, while ensuring that students can also work. We understand that the Washington DC area has unique internship opportunities and government/military jobs. Because we are fully-accredited, we can accept the GI Bill. Because we are distance, classes only meet two days a week.

We understand that seminary requires trade-offs between work, family, church, and education. But this location works to prioritize the family and church, while still allowing for a full-time seminary education.

For more information on The Master’s Seminary in Washington DC, check out our website. To speak with an admissions counselor, contact admissions@tms.edu.