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How to Revive Lifeless Prayer Time

prayer hands

How can we get back to a vibrant prayer life during life’s busyness? How can we get back to truly engaging with God: when we fought through the distractions so that the praises, the needs of others, and our burdens came freely to our mind and we prayed in the Spirit? I want to share … read more »

The Mandate of Biblical Inerrancy: Expository Preaching

This July, Dr. John MacArthur will teach on the doctrinal foundations of expository preaching in the fall 2017 session of the Doctor of Ministry in Expository Preaching program. To learn more and to apply, visit Preaching ought to reflect our conviction that God’s Word is infallible and inerrant. If we believe that “all Scripture is … read more »

Living for Eternity: Adoniram Judson

I have been profoundly impressed with the sacrifices made by Christian men and women throughout the centuries of church history. From martyrs to missionaries, these individuals have served their King with greatest intensity and courage, valiantly standing as examples for those who come behind them. They are individuals of whom “this world was not worthy” … read more »

The Necessity of Divine Sovereignty

Within church history, the doctrine of God’s sovereignty represents a continental divide between denominations and theologians. Indeed, few Christians have gone untouched by this discussion in one way or another. Jonathan Edwards was no exception. As a boy, Edwards struggled with questions regarding God’s sovereignty in salvation. He later remarked that he was “full of objections against … read more »

William Tyndale: Suffering for the Word of Christ

When you come, bring the cloak that I left with Carpus at Troas, also the books, and above all the parchments. 2 Timothy 4:13 The climax of William Tyndale’s brief life occurred along a narrow alleyway leading to the home of Thomas Poyntz, the Englishman who had been his good patron. It was there, in Antwerp, that Tyndale’s traitor, … read more »

Top Ten Countdown: An Open Letter to TMS Alumni

During the final ten days of December, we will be posting our top ten articles from 2015. Today’s post came in at number 1. It was originally published in June 27. This article had more than 159,000 page views in English, and more than 12,000 page views in Spanish. * * * * * Dear Master’s Man, The … read more »

Helping People Reconcile

Philemon. It’s one of the shortest books in the Bible, a brief epistle that makes up what it lacks in word count with a dynamic message on forgiveness, fellowship, and unity in the church. Since it was first penned by the apostle Paul, this powerful little letter has continued to impact the lives of individual believers … read more »

An Open Letter to TMS Alumni

Dear Master’s Man, The highest court in the land has passed its judgment. The headlines proclaim that a slim majority of Supreme Court justices considers freedom of sexual orientation a right for all Americans. This exchange of one set of values in favor of another does not come as a surprise to us who already … read more »

Why Premillennialism?

In case you missed them, this past week the seminary posted five additional videos affirming its commitment to premillennial eschatology. These videos can be watched below: (For parts 1–5, click here.) Part 6 of the seminary’s Distinctives series featured an interview with Dr. John MacArthur on premillennialism.   In part 7, John MacArthur specifically addressed … read more »

TMS Distinctives: Premillennialism

This past week, the seminary posted five videos addressing the biblical distinction between Israel and the Church, and its relationship to the future Millennial Kingdom. Part 1 featured an interview with seminary president Dr. John MacArthur on a proper understanding of Israel and the Church.   Part 2 featured an interview with Dr. Michael Vlach … read more »