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Rightly Understanding The Crucified King

  Was Jesus the true Messiah or was Jesus a failed Messiah? In other words, did his death confirm his failure? Or, to the contrary, did his death confirm his triumph? This question is relevant to every person alive today. If we confess Jesus as the true Messiah, then we will serve Him as our … read more »

Preachers and Prepackaged Programs

Original post date: March 18, 2015 The moment we permit ourselves to think lightly of the Christian Ministry, our right arm is withered; nothing but imbecility and relaxation remains. (Robert Hall, Discouragements and Supports of the Ministry, 45) It is the best of times and the worst of times for pastors. Technology has made more resources available … read more »

A Foretaste of Heaven on Earth

Original Post Date: March 26, 2015 This post completes our series on “Why I Love the Church.” In The Church in God’s Plan, we focused on the church as it relates to God’s eternal plan. In this post, we will look at two additional reasons why I love the church: 3. The Church Is the Most … read more »

The Church in God’s Plan

Original Post Date: March 25, 2015 This post is a continuation from Why I Love The Church, Part 1. In our last post, we looked at the fact that the church is a divinely-ordained institution. Today, I’d like to consider a second reason why I love the church: 2. The Church Is the Outworking of an … read more »