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A Heritage of Faithfulness

This is part 3 in a series articulating ten reasons every Christian should learn more about church history. So far, we have considered the first four on our list of ten. In this post, we will consider three more reasons why church history is important, and why it should matter to you. 5. Because sound doctrine has been guarded … read more »

Church History and the Sovereignty of God

In our previous post, we began a series articulating 10 reasons every Christian should learn more about church history. We started with the fact that most believers are clueless about church history, and that ignorance leaves them vulnerable to all sorts of error and misconception about the past. Today we will consider three more reasons why … read more »

Why Study Church History?

It is the beginning of a new semester. As another school year dawns, I will make my way to a classroom full of (mostly) first-year seminary students. I can imagine it already. When I open the door, there will be the inevitable and slightly uncomfortable pause in the hubbub of pre-class conversation. It is the awkward moment … read more »

Augustine and Joy in the Christian Life

Many Christians recognize the name of Augustine of Hippo from his valiant defense of the biblical doctrine of divine sovereignty against the man-centered heresy of the British monk Pelagius. And we know that the Reformers made exceedingly frequent references to Augustine’s work as they fought against the man-centeredness of the Roman Catholic Church. But what … read more »

The First Seminary

A biblical justification for seminary education might be made from a number of passages, from Matthew 28:19 (and its emphasis on teaching disciples) to 2 Timothy 2:2 (and its emphasis on leadership training) to Titus 1:9 (and its emphasis on elders being equipped to articulate and defend the faith). But there is a short passage … read more »

Prayer and Pastoral Ministry

Very few pastors would claim that they pray enough for their people. Perhaps it’s an impossible task—no one will ever think they’ve prayed enough. Still, we can see from the example of our Lord and His apostles that praying for our people is of monumental importance. Though the Bible says a great deal about preaching, only … read more »

Trivializing Truth

Today’s article is a continuation from yesterday’s post, as Dr. MacArthur concludes his discussion on how Christians engage with social media. You can find the previous posts in this series here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Trivializing Truth None other than National Public Radio recently lamented the growing trivialization of values in American society. In … read more »

Social Media and the Me Monster

Today’s article is a continuation from yesterday’s post. In this post, Dr. MacArthur cautions believers against using social media to foster sins of pride and self-promotion. Putting the ME in Media If there is one word that perhaps best describes social media it is this: self-promotion. The narcissism fostered by status updates and tweets is undeniable. And … read more »

Wasted Words and Wasted Time

Today’s article is a continuation from yesterday’s post, as Dr. MacArthur provides a pastoral perspective on how Christians can think discerningly about how to use social media. Every Careless Word The book of Proverbs tells us that, “He who spreads slander is a fool. When there are many words, transgression is unavoidable, but he who … read more »

Social Media and Christian Discernment

* Editor’s note: This article was originally penned in 2010 for Pulpit magazine. Though written six years ago, it provides timely reminders for those who minister in a media-saturated society. Twenty-five years ago Neil Postman observed that television had become an American “necessity” and lamented its effects on society. He correctly described the culture of the 1980s as … read more »