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Is Love All You Need?

“All you need is love.” So said the Beatles. If they had been singing about God’s love, the statement would have a grain of truth in it. But what usually goes by the name love in popular culture is not authentic love at all; it is actually a deadly fraud. Far from being “all you … read more »

An Open Letter to TMS Alumni

Dear Master’s Man, The highest court in the land has passed its judgment. The headlines proclaim that a slim majority of Supreme Court justices considers freedom of sexual orientation a right for all Americans. This exchange of one set of values in favor of another does not come as a surprise to us who already … read more »

A Biblical Response to Homosexuality

In light of the Supreme Court’s decision today, here are six articles from The Master’s Seminary Journal that address the issue of homosexuality from a biblical perspective. 1. God’s Word on Homosexuality: The Truth about Sin and the Reality of Forgiveness Abstract: Through following a distorted meaning of “love,” some in the present day have condoned homosexual … read more »

Slaves of Christ

When I began to preach the book of Philippians a couple years ago, I noticed that Paul immediately identifies himself and Timothy as slaves of Christ Jesus (Phil 1:1). Now, most of the English versions have “servants” or “bond-servants” there, but the Greek word is doulos, which is properly rendered “slave.” In identifying himself as a … read more »

Only One Life

(Today’s post is adapted from Nathan’s article “Living and Dying for the Glory of God,” originally published in Expositor Magazine.) To live well is to live for Christ, and to die well is to die for His glory. A brief article in the 1857 edition of The Scottish Christian Journal, entitled “Dying Well,” summarized that truth with … read more »

TMS Distinctives: A High View of Scripture

Over the past few weeks, the seminary has been posting faculty videos related to its core doctrinal commitments. The three videos in this series center on bibliology, and the commitment at TMS to a high view of Scripture. In this opening video, Dr. Bryan Murphy discusses the seminary’s commitment to the original languages.   Dr. … read more »

TMS Distinctives: A High View of God

Over the past few weeks, the seminary has been posting faculty videos related to its core doctrinal commitments. This series focused on theology proper, and the seminary’s commitment to a high view of God. In this opening video, Dr. Greg Harris discusses God’s unparalleled glory.   Dr. Bill Barrick reflects on the infinite holiness of … read more »

Why Jesus Allowed Jairus’ Daughter to Die

A couple of years ago, I preached on the passage in Mark 5 where Jesus healed the unnamed woman who had been bleeding for twelve years. One of the more striking elements in that passage is that Jesus had the rich and powerful Jairus wait while He not only healed the woman, but then went on … read more »

Pagan Saints

As a church history professor, I am sometimes asked how certain practices developed in church history. For example: When did the Roman Catholic (and Eastern Orthodox) emphasis on praying to saints and venerating relics and icons begin? A somewhat obscure, but extremely helpful book by John Calvin answers that question directly. In his work, A Treatise … read more »

The Word of God Is Not Imprisoned

Paul wrote his epistle to the Philippians against the backdrop of the church’s concern for Paul, during his first Roman imprisonment, as he awaited his trial before Nero. The believers in Philippi must have wondered how Paul was holding up. Was this imprisonment discouraging him? Would he be released? Could he return to Philippi to … read more »