Announcing John MacArthur’s latest book in the “The Gospel According to…” trilogy

March 17, 2017

Almost 30 years ago, our president Dr. John MacArthur released The Gospel According to Jesus. This year he concludes the trilogy with The Gospel According to Paul.

The apostle Paul penned a number of pithy, focused passages in his letters to the early church that summarize the gospel message in just a few, well-chosen words. Each of these key texts has a unique emphasis highlighting an essential aspect of the Good News.

In this final installment John MacArthur tackles such questions as:

  • What is the gospel? What are the essential elements of the message?
  • How can we be certain we have it right?
  • How should Christians be proclaiming the Good News to the world?

The Gospel According to Paul is available to pre-order until April 3, 2017. Also included in the pre-order are:

  • Immediate access to the first 5 chapters of The Gospel According to Paul.
  • The first 5 chapters of both The Gospel According to Jesus and The Gospel According to the Apostles, John’s first two books of “The Gospel According to…” trilogy.
  • A book discussion guide!

Pre-order the Gospel According to Paul at

Download a free chapter from the book.

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