WWJD About LGBT?: Evaluating LGBT Claims in Light of Christ’s Teaching

Michael Riccardi | November 15, 2017

Given what He taught about the Old Testament, about sexuality and marriage, about the New Testament, and about love, it is clear that Jesus stands united with the Scriptures in condemning homosexuality as sinful. Yet He also stands united with the Scriptures in freely offering forgiveness to any who would confess the guilt of his sins, turn from them, and put his trust in Christ alone for righteousness.

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Michael Riccardi Faculty Associate, Theology Mike Riccardi currently serves as the Pastor of Local Outreach Ministries at Grace Community Church, which includes overseeing Fundamentals of the Faith classes, six foreign language outreach Bible studies, and evangelism in nearby jails, rehab centers, and in the local neighborhood. Mike earned his B.A. in Italian and his M.Ed. in Foreign Language from Rutgers University, and his M.Div. and Th.M. from The Master's Seminary. He also has the privilege of serving alongside Phil Johnson as co-pastor of GraceLife, a Sunday morning adult fellowship group at Grace Church. His dear wife, Janna, lovingly supports and serves alongside him in these ministries.

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