The Pauline Response to Today’s Sexual and Gender Confusion

Brad Klassen | November 15, 2017

Two arguments are commonly offered by those in the church who are sympathetic towards the LGBTQ movement. Some contend that the biblical writers were simply unaware of the complexities of same-sex attraction and transgenderism. Others contend that the church over the past two millennia woefully misinterpreted the biblical writers. The first argument undermines Scripture’s sufficiency. The second undermines Scripture’s clarity. The purpose of this article is to survey the teaching of the apostle Paul in response to these claims. In particular, attention will be focused on the emphases of Paul in the areas of anthropology (the doctrine of man), hamartiology (the doctrine of sin), and soteriology (the doctrine of salvation). As will be seen, Paul not only deals directly with many of the issues being de-bated today, but he leaves a timeless theological framework through which to respond to these issues in our day.

Vol. 28, no. 2 (Fall 2017)

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Klassen, Brad. "The Pauline Response to Today’s Sexual and Gender Confusion." The Master's Seminary Journal 28, no. 2 (Fall 2017): 145–66.