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Promises to Israel in the Apocalypse

Robert L. Thomas | May 9, 2018

(Originally published Spring 2008) Recent opinions that Israel’s covenants and promises are missing in Revelation 20:1–10 have rested on poor hermeneutical foundations. Three major OT covenants with Israel are prominent throughout the Apocalypse and therefore are foundational to what John writes in chapter 20. God promised Abraham a people who are quite visible in Revelation […]

Imminence in the New Testament, especially in Paul’s Thessalonian Epistles

Robert L. Thomas | May 9, 2018

(Originally published Fall 2002) Fathers in the ancient church dealt frequently with the doctrine of imminence, sometimes viewing God’s future wrath against rebels as imminent and sometimes viewing the future coming of Christ as imminent. The NT furnishes good reason for the fathers to view both aspects of the future as imminent, beginning with the […]

The Hermeneutics of Noncessationism

Robert L. Thomas | May 9, 2018

(Originally published Fall 2003) The Master’s Seminary is noncessationist in regard to such gifts as teaching, helps, and administration, but is cessationist regarding revelatory and sign gifts. Recent changes in evangelical biblical hermeneutics that have accompanied comparable changes in evangelicalism as a whole have opened doors of opportunity for nonecessationists to defend their position in […]

Hermeneutics of the New Perspective on Paul

Robert L. Thomas | May 9, 2018

(Originally published Fall 2005) Recent changes in evangelical hermeneutical principles have opened a wide door for new-perspective (NP) proposals on Pauline literature and more basically NP proposals about second-temple Judaism. Setting aside the time-honored ideal of objectivity, the proposals have raised questions about longstanding views of Augustine and Luther and of the nature of first-century […]

The Principle of Single Meaning

Robert L. Thomas | May 9, 2018

(Originally published Spring 2001) That a single passage has one meaning and one meaning only has been a long-established principle of biblical interpretation. Among evangelicals, recent violations of that principle have multiplied. Violations have included those by Clark Pinnock with his insistence on adding “future” meanings to historical meanings of a text, Mikel Neumann and […]

Solus Christus and the Protestant Reformation of Europe

Jonathan Moorhead | November 15, 2017

History shows that a commitment to solus Christus is based upon Scripture and the earliest Christian documents. Commitment to this doctrine was lost, though, after extra-biblical and traditional elements entered the church and became authoritative. The Reformers, on the other hand, understood that these traditions were simply the traditions of men. A commitment to the […]

WWJD About LGBT?: Evaluating LGBT Claims in Light of Christ’s Teaching

Michael Riccardi | November 15, 2017

Given what He taught about the Old Testament, about sexuality and marriage, about the New Testament, and about love, it is clear that Jesus stands united with the Scriptures in condemning homosexuality as sinful. Yet He also stands united with the Scriptures in freely offering forgiveness to any who would confess the guilt of his […]

The Pauline Response to Today’s Sexual and Gender Confusion

Brad Klassen | November 15, 2017

Two arguments are commonly offered by those in the church who are sympathetic towards the LGBTQ movement. Some contend that the biblical writers were simply unaware of the complexities of same-sex attraction and transgenderism. Others contend that the church over the past two millennia woefully misinterpreted the biblical writers. The first argument undermines Scripture’s sufficiency. […]

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