Did God Fulfill Every Good Promise?: Toward a Biblical Understanding of Joshua 21:43-45

Gregory Harris | July 26, 2012

Some Bible students believe that God’s promises concerning land to Abraham’s physical descendants have already been completely fulfilled. Those who hold to a ‘fulfillment of the land promises’ position often consider Josh 21:43–45 as proof that God already fulfilled the land promise of the Abrahamic Covenant to the Jewish people. Consequently, one should expect no future fulfillment for either the land or the nation of Israel because of this passage. However, a proper understanding of Josh 21:43–45 and the broader context of the Noahic and Abrahamic covenants shows that it is incorrect to claim that a statement concerning God’s faithfulness in Joshua means that God no longer is concerned with Israel and Israel’s relationship to the land of promise.

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Gregory Harris Professor of Bible Exposition B.A., Campbell University M.A., North Carolina Central University M.Div., Talbot Theological Seminary Th.M., Talbot Theological Seminary Th.D., Dallas Theological Seminary While pursuing his graduate and post-graduate education, Dr. Harris was actively involved in pastoring various churches in California and Texas. In 1989, following the completion of his doctoral studies, he joined the faculty of Washington Bible College, a position he held for seven years. Then for ten years, Dr. Harris taught at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, teaching Bible and Greek. He continues to serve as an international faculty member of the Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary in Amman, and maintains an ongoing conference and pulpit ministry. Dr. Harris has also completed short-term graduate study at the Institute of Holy Land Studies in Jerusalem. He is the author of The Cup and the Glory , The Darkness and the Glory, and The Stone and the Glory and numerous journal articles, and is an active participant in scholarly societies. He joined the TMS family in 2006 and also teaches as an adjunct professor at The Master's College. Dr. Harris is the teaching pastor at Lake Hills Community Church in Castaic, CA. Find more information about Dr. Harris and his ministry at www.glorybooks.org

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