Sanctification: Biblically Identifiable Fruit

Keith Essex | April 27, 2011

As in past centuries, Christians still speak frequently about the need for sanctification, yet no mutually agreed upon description of sanctification has emerged. The present discussion has chosen to describe the term in relation to what the Bible says about “fruit.” “Fruit” is used widely in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, referring to edible products from the ground as well as human offspring. In both the OT and the NT the word is used metaphorically to depict human actions. Other terms related to fruit also take on metaphorical meanings to speak of human behavior. Romans 6:22 and 7:4 link such terminology with the sanctification of believers. The contexts of these verses confirm a close tie between fruit and both past sanctification and the present lives of Christians in their progress toward Christlikeness. Galatians 5:22-23 relate the Holy Spirit’s role in producing the present sanctification of believers.

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Keith Essex Faculty Associate, Bible Exposition A.B., California State University, Long Beach Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary D.Min., The Master's Seminary During his residency for his Master of Theology degree, Dr. Essex ministered with Campus Crusade and later as a student pastor in Dallas, Texas. Following graduation, he served as Academic Dean at Grace Bible Institute in Long Beach, California. During this time he was also involved as a church planter, interim pastor, and later as an associate pastor. For nine years he pastored in Redondo Beach. Dr. Essex came to The Master's Seminary as an adjunct professor in 1992, joining the faculty full-time in 1994.

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