The Impossibility of “God of the Possible”

Richard Mayhue | May 21, 2010

Gregory A. Boyd has written God of the Possible to promote “Open” or “Free-will” Theism at the grassroots level of Christendom. This volume proposes to show how classical theism is inferior and Open Theism is superior. In this reviewer’s opinion, Dr. Boyd has failed to prove his point and accomplish his purpose for at least eight reasons. First, the history of orthodox Christian doctrine declares against, not for, Boyd’s position. Second, God of the Possible depends upon philosophy, not theology to prove its point. Third, this volume deifies man and humanizes God. Fourth, Boyd discards the unknown, mysterious dimensions of God in his discussions. Fifth, the book is built with an aberrant methodology. Sixth, Boyd’s position diminishes the Almighty’s deity. Eighth, the author downplays determinative biblical texts. For these points, God of the Possible and Open Theism are judged to be heretical. Thus, the church needs to be warned to reject these ideas, not to entertain or embrace them.

Vol. 12, no. 2 (Fall 2001)

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Mayhue, Richard. "The Impossibility of “God of the Possible”." The Master's Seminary Journal 12, no. 2 (Fall 2001): 203-20.