The Resurgence of Neo-Evangelicalism: Craig Blomberg’s Latest Book And The Future of Evangelical Theology

William Roach | November 23, 2015

The International Council on Biblical Inerrancy sought to ward off the influence of neo-evangelical theology rising in many American and European seminaries. The result was the well-known Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy. For framers of the CSBI, inerrancy was considered a watershed issue and a mark of both evangelical identity and consistency. However, today, many self-professed evangelical theologians and seminaries, many of whom still claim the label “inerrantist,” are turning away from their evangelical heritage by their “non-inerrantist” affirmations and hermeneutics, resulting in the resurgence of neo-evangelical theology. This article argues that Craig Blomberg’s book, Can We Still Believe the Bible? represents this trend and illustrates the resurgence of neo-evangelical theology.

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