New Book by Professor Scott Bashoor

TMS Staff | December 10, 2016

vocntWe are pleased to announce that B & H Academic has just released a digital edition of a new book by Prof. Scott Bashoor, Visual Outline Charts of the New Testament (VOCNT).

VOCNT is a collection of 70 full color, full page charts showing the structure and content of each New Testament book. This timely resource uses shades of color to guide the eye from the major sections of each book down into a detailed summary of each section. Each book is covered by at least one overview chart, and larger books are detailed with follow-up charts.

These charts originated in Prof. Bashoor’s pastoral work, and he significantly enhanced and expanded them for use in the seminary classroom. They’re designed for pastors, Bible teachers, students, and anyone interested in better understanding the flow of thought in NT books. B & H has prepared this volume for use in WORDsearch Bible software.

For more details including samples and purchasing information, visit the landing page,

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