An Imminent Attack on Religious Liberty

TMS Staff | June 30, 2016

An important message from The Master’s College:

Many of our alumni, students, parents and friends have been watching the current events surrounding the California Bill SB 1146. [For an overview of this bill, see here.] This is NOT just another piece of legislation; this is a critical issue that will directly affect the future of The Master’s College!

As you would expect, Dr. John MacArthur has already submitted a letter registering our strong opposition to this bill which threatens institutions freedom to provide a quality education based on a commitment to Christ and His Word.

“SB 1146 challenges the very foundation of religious liberty that has been part of the heritage of the United States of America,” said Dr. MacArthur, president of The Master’s College.

He goes on to say, “Freedom of religion is part of what makes our country and state what they are, and to restrict this freedom of religion goes against the very Constitution that we follow.”

In addressing the LGBT issues attached to this bill Dr. MacArthur states, “The Master’s College is clear about its biblical position in regard to LGBT issues. We love and care for all people, but we are obligated by our articles of incorporation and our bylaws to teach and practice what we believe in every aspect of campus operation.”

Next fall, The Master’s College will be celebrating its 90th Anniversary and should be allowed to continue forward without legislative attacks against our core beliefs.

So, what can we do?

1. Share with everyone you know – raise awareness with friends and family but also through social media using ‪#‎SB1146‬.

2. Contact our Legislators and voice your opposition, in California find your Representative at:

3. Pray – that God would intervene but ultimately that His will be done and that we would trust in Him no matter what we see occurring around us.

Thankfully, we know the Lord is in control and we must always be faithful to all that His Word commands. We can only be faithful, strive for excellence and trust in Him. Thank you for your continued support.

[Update: Al Mohler addresses this issue in his Briefing here.]

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