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What I Wish I Had Known Before Starting Seminary

Reagan Rose | October 24, 2017

I loved my experience at The Master’s Seminary. As a recent graduate, I have been reflecting on some of the decisions I made during my time in school. My hope is that some new or prospective seminarian might learn from what I wish I had known before starting seminary. I wish I had taken my […]

TMS on the East Coast

Jesse Johnson | April 22, 2017

Did you know that, in addition to Los Angeles, The Master’s Seminary offers a fully-accredited M. Div. program in: Central California, Montana, Texas,  Washington DC, and Washington state? Today’s article features our distance location in Washington DC. If you live near our nation’s capital and are considering seminary, here are some compelling advantages to pursuing your education there: […]

The Ideal Seminarian

TMS Staff | April 17, 2017

What are we looking for in a seminarian? Or, for those of you who are considering going into the ministry, how should you evaluate yourself to see whether you’re likely to thrive throughout training for the pastorate? The four traits currently examined for our Honors Scholarship Program summarize what we at The Master’s Seminary look for […]

Seminary Distinctives

TMS Staff | August 5, 2016

The Master’s Seminary recently posted a series of videos that highlight the seminary’s core doctrinal commitments. In case you’ve missed them, here are 24 of those videos under five categories. Each video is only a few minutes long, making it easy to discover what TMS is all about. A High View of God The Glory of God […]

A High View of the Holy Spirit

TMS Staff | August 4, 2016

Recently, the seminary posted faculty videos related to its core doctrinal commitments. The six videos in this series center on Pneumatology, and the commitment at TMS to a high view of the Person and work of the Holy Spirit. In this opening video, Dr. Bryan Murphy explains the Holy Spirit’s role in the inspiration of Scripture. Dr. […]

A High View of Scripture

TMS Staff | August 3, 2016

Recently, the seminary posted faculty videos related to its core doctrinal commitments. The three videos in this series center on bibliology, and the commitment at TMS to a high view of Scripture. In this opening video, Dr. Bryan Murphy discusses the seminary’s commitment to the original languages.   Dr. David Farnell highlights the fact that the […]

A High View of God

TMS Staff | August 2, 2016

Recently, the seminary posted faculty videos related to its core doctrinal commitments. This series focused on theology proper, and the seminary’s commitment to a high view of God. In this opening video, Dr. Greg Harris discusses God’s unparalleled glory.   Dr. Bill Barrick reflects on the infinite holiness of God.   Dr. Barrick examines the […]

Celebrating 30 Years

TMS Staff | May 10, 2016

This past year, The Master’s Seminary celebrated thirty years of God’s faithfulness. The video below captures the heart of what has characterized the seminary over the past three decades. By God’s grace, these same convictions will continue to be hallmarks of TMS for generations to come.

TMS Distance Learning

Rich Gregory | October 1, 2015

The past year has witnessed the inauguration of numerous initiatives designed by our president to springboard the seminary into the future. One of our most significant efforts has been the creation of the TMS Distance Location Program. Jamie Jackson discusses the seminary’s new distance location program Here are the top reasons for this initiative… The […]

How to Choose a Seminary

Nathan Busenitz | September 22, 2015

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to address this issue during a prospective student lunch at the Ligonier Fall Conference. Today’s post is adapted from the notes I prepared for that lunch. How to choose a seminary I’m sure there are many practical concerns that factor into why people choose the seminaries that they choose. Perhaps […]

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