Blog Category: Pastoral Ministry

The Legacy of Long-Term Ministry, Part 1

John MacArthur | March 10, 2015

A recent poll suggests that the average pastor stays at his church for only three to four years. But that hardly seems long enough to be truly effective. In times past, pastoral tenure was typically measured in decades—when the longevity of men like John Calvin (who ministered in Geneva for 25 years until he died), Charles […]

10 Reminders for Preachers

Nathan Busenitz | March 6, 2015

Here are ten reminders for those who preach and teach the Word of God, as articulated by some of history’s greatest preachers. 1. Effective ministry consists not of fads or gimicks, but of faithfully preaching the truth. Charles Spurgeon: Ah, my dear friends, we want nothing in these times for revival in the world but the simple […]

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