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Helping Difficult Sheep

Paul Lamey | April 15, 2015

Let’s face it; some people are difficult. For a variety of reasons, life is hard for many Christians, and some of them seek to make life equally hard for their pastors. Even in a healthy church there will be some sheep who simply struggle in their relationships with each other. To quote one seasoned shepherd: […]

How to Respond to Sermon Feedback

Nathan Busenitz | April 14, 2015

Today’s post is excerpted from a must-read essay by Charles Spurgeon for all involved in pastoral ministry. The entire essay, entitled ‘The Blind Eye and the Deaf Ear’ can be read here. In this section, Spurgeon focuses on how pastors should respond to the opinions and remarks of their congregants toward their preaching. He writes: To […]

Worldliness and the Christian Ministry

Michael Riccardi | April 9, 2015

Among Reformed evangelicals today, the most influential 19th-century Anglican is undoubtedly J. C. Ryle. And that is not without cause. Ryle’s work on discipleship and Christian living has represented a remarkable service to Christ’s Church. But there is another 19th-century Anglican who I wish was a household name in American evangelicalism: Charles Bridges. My acquaintance with […]

The Standard of Success

Caleb Kolstad | April 8, 2015

How should we define success in ministry? Take a look at the most-celebrated names in broader evangelicalism, and it would be easy to conclude that numerical fruitfulness is what defines ministerial success. But both Scripture and church history remind us that steadfast faithfulness is actually the true measure of success. Consider the prophet Jeremiah, for example, […]

Not Just for Pastors

Austin T. Duncan | April 6, 2015

(Today’s post is adapted from Austin’s article “The Pastorals Are for People,” originally published in Expositor Magazine.) The classification of 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus as “the Pastoral Epistles” is as unhelpful as the phrase “full-time ministry.” When “full-time ministry” is used to identify pastors who are paid by the church, it may undermine the equipping of […]

Preaching Affects Everything

Brian Biedebach | March 20, 2015

Is Preaching Everything? I recently had a conversation with a pastor who was developing some training material for pastors in Africa. He had asked me to review the material, and when I asked him why there was such a low emphasis on preaching, he said to me, “I don’t buy into this ‘preaching is everything’ […]

When an Unbeliever Dies: Offering Comfort without Distorting the Truth

George Lawson | March 19, 2015

My theology tells me that it is not right to lie, even if my intended purpose is to bring about a good outcome. We are not to “do evil that good may come” (Romans 3:8). Lying is a violation of God’s character and will. God is the God of truth. He cannot lie and He […]

The Pastor as a Shepherd

John MacArthur | March 17, 2015

The New Testament often depicts spiritual leaders as shepherds of God’s flock. It is an appropriate image, because a shepherd leads, feeds, comforts, corrects, and protects the sheep under his care. Those same responsibilities belong to every church leader. In fact, the word pastor means shepherd. In biblical times, shepherds were without status. They occupied […]

Praying for Your People

Eric Dodson | March 13, 2015

Very few pastors would claim that they pray enough for their people. Perhaps it’s an impossible task—no one will ever think they’ve prayed enough. Still, we can see from the example of our Lord and His apostles that praying for our people is of monumental importance. Though the Bible says a great deal about preaching, only […]

The Legacy of Long-Term Ministry, Part 2

John MacArthur | March 11, 2015

Part 1 John Fawcett is a name you may not immediately recognize. In the late eighteenth century, Fawcett pastored a small, poor church in Wainsgate, England, where his salary was only 25 pounds a year. In 1773, Fawcett was invited to become the pastor of a much larger church in London. Initially, he accepted the new […]

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