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Personhood and the Abortion Dilemma

Michael Grisanti | October 6, 2015

From a biblical standpoint, when should an unborn baby be considered a ‘person’? Though pro-abortion advocates argue that personhood does not begin until birth, the Bible recognizes no essential difference between the personhood of a child in the womb and that same child after he or she is born. In other words, Scripture regards the individual as a […]

Tragedy, Hope, and the Shooting in Oregon

Nathan Busenitz | October 2, 2015

On Thursday, we were all shocked by the tragic news about the deadly shooting rampage at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. According to early reports, the gunman fatally shot nine victims and wounded seven others before he was also killed. Watch Jamie Jackson’s interview with Dr. Nathan Busenitz about the Oregon Shooting As I write this, […]

Popular Popes and Priestly Pretenders

Nathan Busenitz | September 29, 2015

Anyone paying attention to the news last week could not have missed Pope Francis’s historic visit to the United States. Perhaps the most alarming aspect of his visit was the way in which some evangelical leaders enthusiastically embraced him. Today’s article addresses one of the many reasons why evangelicals should neither endorse nor applaud the office […]

Blood Moons and Biblical Discernment

Nathan Busenitz | September 25, 2015

In light of the enthusiastic speculation that is brewing in some circles, I was asked to address the recent hype surrounding the “blood moon.” Let me do so by answering three questions about the issue:

A Timely Reminder on Patriot Day

TMS Staff | September 11, 2015

On September 12, 2001, John MacArthur sat down with Phil Johnson at Grace to You to discuss the tragic and startling events that had occurred the previous day. Here are a few excerpts from that interview from 14 years ago: PHIL: There are probably people listening to us right now who are trying to go about their normal […]

The Trivialization of Truth

John MacArthur | August 7, 2015

Today’s article is a continuation from yesterday’s post, as Dr. MacArthur concludes his discussion on how Christians engage with social media. You can find the previous posts in this series here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Trivializing Truth None other than National Public Radio recently lamented the growing trivialization of values in American society. In […]

Putting the ME in Media

John MacArthur | August 6, 2015

Today’s article is a continuation from yesterday’s post. In this post, Dr. MacArthur cautions believers against using social media to foster sins of pride and self-promotion. Putting the ME in Media If there is one word that perhaps best describes social media it is this: self-promotion. The narcissism fostered by status updates and tweets is undeniable. And […]

Wasted Words and Wasting Time

John MacArthur | August 5, 2015

Today’s article is a continuation from yesterday’s post, as Dr. MacArthur provides a pastoral perspective on how Christians can think discerningly about how to use social media. Every Careless Word The book of Proverbs tells us that, “He who spreads slander is a fool. When there are many words, transgression is unavoidable, but he who […]

Social Media and Digital Discernment

John MacArthur | August 4, 2015

* Editor’s note: This article was originally penned in 2010 for Pulpit magazine. Though written five years ago, it provides timely reminders for those who minister in a media-saturated society. Twenty-five years ago Neil Postman observed that television had become an American “necessity” and lamented its effects on society. He correctly described the culture of the 1980s as […]

We Will Not Bow

John MacArthur | July 27, 2015

Last Sunday night (July 19), Dr. MacArthur addressed the church’s response to an American society that is growing increasingly hostile to biblical morality and the truth of the gospel. Today’s post is adapted from part of that message. (The full message, in audio, video, and print form, can be found here.) This country talks a […]

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