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The Deceitfulness of Riches: 3 Lies Money Tells

Reagan Rose | November 6, 2018

In the Parable of the Sower, Jesus warns that the deceitfulness of riches chokes the Word that falls on thorny soil. But money is just a thing, how could it be deceitful? Or perhaps a better question, what exactly are the lies money tells? If we aren’t careful, even Christians can fall prey to these fiscal falsehoods.

Enduring the Storms of Life

Michael Mahoney | October 30, 2018

Psalm 46 was written as a refuge for God’s people in this age of suffering. Whatever storm we are facing, if God is our Savior and stronghold, we will not be shaken. Since God is the only real source of safety and security in times of great disaster and danger, the true believer need not fear because God’s protection and ultimate victory over the world is inevitable.

Listen Before You Speak: An Essential Attitude for Prayer

Brad Klassen | October 2, 2018

Hearing the Word of God as He has delivered it in Scripture is the starting place for your life of prayer—whether you are new disciple of Jesus Christ or a seasoned prayer warrior. If you find yourself struggling in prayer, it can ultimately be traced to your struggle in the study and understanding of Scripture.

Relearning the Discipline of Self-Control in a Society of Instant Gratification, Part 2

Ace Davis | September 26, 2018

There are three main areas of our lives we need to practice self-control over: our thoughts, emotions, and body. Athletes go through rigorous training for a trophy—a perishable prize. But as Christians, we are promised an imperishable crown that will never fade away. We must have self-control as we await our crown that we might be used by God for His glory.

Stubborn Love: Reflecting the Gospel by Keeping Your Marriage Covenant

Tim Counts | August 28, 2018

Jesus will never leave His bride. Yet, He does more than provide a supreme example of stubborn love for His bride. Part of the good news of the gospel is that believers are given the power to act righteously. Because of Christ’s death and resurrection, we can lean into Jesus today to give us the strength to follow Him in giving His kind of covenant love to our spouse.

When Leaders Fail to Discipline Their Children

Reagan Rose | August 14, 2018

One of the saddest and most damaging ways a leader can fail is when they fail in the raising of their own children. In 2 Samuel, we see how David failed in acting with justice when it was his own children who needed to be punished. There are principles here for all parents and any affected by the destructive consequences of a leader winking at their child’s sin.

Promises for Pessimists

Reagan Rose | June 19, 2018

Christians ought to have the most positive outlook on life. Not because we are blissfully unaware of the pains of life, but because we have a hope grounded in the promises of God. It is by the promises of God, that Christians alone have the sure-rooted optimism that enables them to face the deepest disappointment and the most profound pain with genuine joy.

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