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The Heart in Conflict

Gabriel Powell | August 7, 2018

In order to handle conflict in a way that glorifies God and promotes reconciliation with others, we must first understand the heart of the issue. The natural propensity of the human heart is to seek the fulfillment of its desires by any means necessary. Each and every conflict you have rises out of disordered or unmeasured desires. They have truly become idols of the heart.

Helping People Reconcile

Eric Dodson | September 30, 2015

Philemon. It’s one of the shortest books in the Bible, a brief epistle that makes up what it lacks in word count with a dynamic message on forgiveness, fellowship, and unity in the church. Since it was first penned by the apostle Paul, this powerful little letter has continued to impact the lives of individual believers […]

When Others Mistreat You

Nathan Busenitz | May 28, 2015

When other people treat us badly, or backstab us, or wrongly speak ill of us, how are we to respond? Jeremiah Burroughs, in The Rare Jewel of Contentment, answers that question by reminding us that, even when others mistreat us, it is no excuse for growing anxious, angry, or discontent. He says this: * * * […]

Counseling the Fainthearted

John Street | May 5, 2015

A look at the greatness of our Savior God provides a necessary perspective for biblical help for fainthearted Christians (cf. Isaiah 9:6; 11:1; 28:29; 40:10–11). If you are going to be a pastor who practices caring, loving counsel, you need to be like your Savior. You are not going to just preach from the pulpit. […]