3 Lessons from the Life of John Bunyan

Austin T. Duncan | October 16, 2017

I read The Pilgrim’s Progress, like many of you, when I was a kid. In high school, I rejoined Christian on his journey through a Brit Lit class. When I discovered Reformed theology in my college years, I was reintroduced to John Bunyan through those little Puritan Paper books. In youth ministry, I’ve returned over […]

Not Just for Pastors

Austin T. Duncan | April 6, 2015

(Today’s post is adapted from Austin’s article “The Pastorals Are for People,” originally published in Expositor Magazine.) The classification of 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus as “the Pastoral Epistles” is as unhelpful as the phrase “full-time ministry.” When “full-time ministry” is used to identify pastors who are paid by the church, it may undermine the equipping of […]

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