12 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Seminary

John MacArthur | June 26, 2018

Choosing the right seminary is crucial, for it will shape your thinking process in all future ministries. As I have always told young men, seminary should be a place where they enjoy spiritual, biblical, and theological growth—not a battleground where they try to hold on to a remnant of their faith. Therefore, as you consider The Master’s Seminary or any other seminary, I urge you to ask the following questions:


Does the seminary emphasize the expositional preaching and teaching of God’s inerrant Word in its curriculum?


Is the faculty unified on the doctrinal statement and purpose of the seminary?


Does the faculty model the appropriate content of godly character, scholastic excellence, and ministry commitment?


Will the seminary reinforce my beliefs or will I have to fight for them?


Does the seminary stress excellence in the theological discipline which will equip me for a lifetime of understanding and proclaiming Scripture?


Does the seminary articulate a biblical philosophy of church ministry and worship?


Does the seminary stress local church ministry involvement?


Does the seminary have an emphasis on stimulating spiritual growth in both students and faculty members?


Does the location of the seminary offer opportunities for ministry involvement both culturally and cross-culturally?


Does the seminary have a solid history of effective placement service to ministry upon graduation?


Does the seminary provide a lifetime relationship and continuing education upon graduation?


Is the seminary training conducted in the midst of a local church environment?


I hope these questions will be helpful as you begin the process of seeking God’s direction for your future.


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John MacArthur is the president and professor of pastoral ministry at The Master's University and Seminary. He is also the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church, author, conference speaker, and featured teacher with Grace to You.

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