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Reagan serves as the Director of Operations at The Master's Seminary. He is also the author of Redeeming Productivity. Reagan earned his Master of Divinity from TMS in 2017.

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What Ever Happened to Evangelism? image

What Ever Happened to Evangelism?

Reagan Rose | July 17, 2018

The hard work of gospel proclamation has taken a back seat in evangelicalism today. We are in the midst of a mission drift, a digression toward greater emphasis on temporal social issues. But if you believe that the church possesses a gospel which is the only hope for the eternal salvation of souls, you must agree that it is the most important cause we could engage in.

Promises for Pessimists image

Promises for Pessimists

Reagan Rose | June 19, 2018

Christians ought to have the most positive outlook on life. Not because we are blissfully unaware of the pains of life, but because we have a hope grounded in the promises of God. It is by the promises of God, that Christians alone have the sure-rooted optimism that enables them to face the deepest disappointment and the most profound pain with genuine joy.

The Wretched Art of Loveless Discernment image

The Wretched Art of Loveless Discernment

Reagan Rose | May 22, 2018

We must wield discernment like a surgeon’s scalpel. As we contend for right doctrine, we must take care to adorn it with right attitudes and behavior. We must discern with precision, humility, and sorrow. Not to temper the truth, but rather that we might bolster the truth with love.

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