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Dr. Nathan Busenitz is the Dean of Faculty and Associate Professor of Theology at The Master’s Seminary.


B.A., The Master's University
M.Div., The Master's Seminary
Th.M., The Master's Seminary
Ph.D., The Master's Seminary


Historical Theology

Church Ministry

Dr. Busenitz serves as pastor and elder at Grace Community Church


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Long Before Luther
Reasons We Believe
Living a Life of Hope
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Christ’s Resurrection: The Source of Hope image

Christ’s Resurrection: The Source of Hope

Nathan Busenitz | April 19, 2019

The hope of heaven is predicated on the reality of Christ’s resurrection. It provides the basis on which believers can face death with unflinching confidence.

Not a Wonderful Life: What if Jesus Had Never Been Born? image

Not a Wonderful Life: What if Jesus Had Never Been Born?

Nathan Busenitz | December 20, 2018

If Jesus had never been born, we would have no salvation from sin, no victory over death, and no mediator between us and God. But because of the incarnation, we have a place in the family of God through faith. Take time this Christmas to reflect on those theological truths—worshipping the One who humbled Himself for our sakes.

I Can Do All Things image

I Can Do All Things

Nathan Busenitz | October 2, 2017

By taking Phil 4:13 out of context, many have actually turned it on its head. They have turned it into a slogan of self-achievement and ambition.

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