Missy, and her husband Ray Mehringer, who is the Vice President of Admissions and Placement for the seminary have been at TMS for 17 years and Missy’s been a small group leader for thirteen years in Semwives. She loves the women and the opportunity to mentor young wives in their relationships to their husband and family and in their preparation for being a ministry wife. Dear to Missy's heart is the Alumni Prayer Program that she leads for SemWives where last year's graduates are prayed for during their first year of ministry. At Grace Church they are involved in Children's Ministry where Ray supervises 2nd hour Sunday School program, assisted by Missy who also serves in the resource room. Prior to TMS, while serving 18 years in the Air Force, Ray and Missy also worked with young adults doing engagement counseling and ministering to young marrieds. The Mehringers, married in 1979 and reside in Canyon Country. They have four children, two sons, two daughters all now married. They now have eight grandchildren, she loves any time with them. Missy homeschooled their children for 21 years and she likes to encourage young moms in that area. She enjoys walking, reading, math tutoring, college football, and camping including a seminary camp out they lead each Spring. Watch for the announcements if you'd like to join that outing. Missy enjoys speaking/teaching women’s groups and retreats and is involved in personal discipleship. She's recently been encouraged by Colossians 3:13 "Bear with each other and forgive one another. If any of you has a grievance against someone, forgive as the Lord forgave you."