Michael Riccardi

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Faculty Associate, Theology

B.A., Rutgers University
M.Ed., Rutgers University
M.Div., The Master's Seminary
Th.M., The Master's Seminary

Mike Riccardi currently serves as the pastor of local outreach ministries at Grace Community Church, which includes overseeing Fundamentals of the Faith classes, six foreign language outreach Bible studies, and evangelism in nearby jails, rehab centers, and in the local neighborhood.

He also has the privilege of serving alongside Phil Johnson as co-pastor of GraceLife, a fellowship group at Grace Community Church. His dear wife, Janna, lovingly supports and serves alongside him in these ministries.

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Clouds without Water image

Clouds without Water

Michael Riccardi | July 21, 2016

For more than four decades, our seminary president has led the fight for the supremacy of the truth and of sound doctrine—not only within the walls of this institution, but also throughout the evangelical church at large. Surrounded by other defenders of biblical teaching, Pastor John has devoted his ministry to safeguarding the inerrancy of […]

The Recent Trinitarian Debate image

The Recent Trinitarian Debate

Michael Riccardi | June 16, 2016

Here is my attempt at a very brief summary of the current debate/discussion surrounding the eternal functional subordination (EFS) of the Son to the Father 1. We all know the incarnate Son submits to the Father, but is His submission something that extends to His eternal role/relationship as Son? Is the Son subordinate to the […]

Did Jesus Never Address Homosexuality? image

Did Jesus Never Address Homosexuality?

Michael Riccardi | April 18, 2016

I want to address a popular argument made by those who try to reconcile homosexuality with Christianity. The argument is that Jesus Himself never said a word about homosexuality. Those who make this argument grant that Paul condemned it as sinful (Rom 1:26–27; 1 Cor 6:9–10; 1 Tim 1:9–10). But the sentiment behind this objection is that Paul had corrupted the […]

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