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Department Head and Professor of Bible Exposition

B.A. English, Campbell College
M.A. Education NC Central University
M.Div. in Bible Exposition (Talbot Theological Seminary)
Th.M. in Bible Exposition (Talbot Theological Seminary)
Th.D. in Bible Exposition (Dallas Theological Seminary)

Dr. Harris grew up in the country near Raleigh, North Carolina. He was raised in a loving home and was always playing sports. While he prayed to receive Christ around age eleven, he is unsure if he was saved then, or afterward in college.

In college, Dr. Harris ran track for three years. His team won many meets, and because of that exposure, and because he was a known believer, he was invited to speak in churches in the area. His life changed forever when Bobby Stevens in Raleigh, NC handed him a John MacArthur tape. It was then that Dr. Harris “got into the Bible for the first time and never got out.”

Dr. Harris taught seven years at Washington Bible College, pastored three and a half years at Berwyn Baptist Church in College Park, MD, and spent one year teaching a small group of men in Charlotte, NC. He then taught ten years at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary/College In Wake Forest, NC. In 2006, Dr. Harris joined The Master’s Seminary faculty.

Dr. Harris and his wife, Betsy (Rogerson) Harris, married in 1983. They enjoy two children and their first grandson.


The Cup and the Glory (Kress)
The Darkness and the Glory (Kress)
The Stone and the Glory (Kress)
The Bible Expositor’s Handbook: Digital Old Testament (B&H Academic).
The Bible Expositor’s Handbook: Digital New Testament (B&H Academic).
The Bible Expositor’s Handbook: Combine printed edition of the Old and New Testament editions (B&H Academic; Pending)
The Face and the Glory (Pending)
Twelve academic, peer-reviewed journal articles with the 12th one: “And How Shall They Hear Without a Preacher?” (Spring TMS journal)

More about Dr. Harris

Tell us an interesting fact about you

I first met John MacArthur when I chauffeured him to the airport when he spoke in chapel at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Why are you passionate about Bible Exposition?

After I got into the Bible, I lost all interest in reading novels and in playing music. Sound Bible exposition is important because it is essential in every group—from children’s church all the way to the adults, college, or seminary classes.

What ministries you are currently involved in?

TMS, my writing ministry, and (trying to) minister to my wife.

If you were an animal, what would you be?


Posts by Gregory Harris

So You Want to Be an Expositor? Part 2 image

So You Want to Be an Expositor? Part 2

Gregory Harris | October 24, 2018

There is a clear distinction between Bible exposition and expository preaching. While these two tasks are related, they are not identical. If you want to be an expositor, you shouldn’t sermonize the text. You should strive to grow in your understanding of biblical truth.

So You Want to Be an Expositor? Part 1 image

So You Want to Be an Expositor? Part 1

Gregory Harris | October 23, 2018

Becoming a seasoned expositor of God’s Word requires a method or a series of specific steps. Equally important, however, is your starting point. Biblical exposition must start with reverence for God.

I Pray This for My Children image

I Pray This for My Children

Gregory Harris | April 20, 2015

As I talked to other parents about raising children, a similar question would repeatedly be raised: “How should I pray for my children?” This article is my response to that question. I trust this list will be encouraging and motivating to Christian parents as they intercede on behalf of those under their care.

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