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Faly graduated from The Master's Seminary with a Master of Divinity degree in 2017. He was also the recipient of the MacArthur Preaching Award in that same year.

He is a trained merchant marine deck officer and marine engineer. He worked in various management positions in the oil industry for 15 years before pursuing seminary training. Faly married his wife Lily in May of 2004 and they have 5 children.

The Ravoahangy family joined Grace Ministries International as missionary partners and were sent back to Madagascar after Faly’s graduation from the Master’s Seminary in May 2017, and his ordination as a pastor by Grace Community Church in July 2017. They aim to be God’s instruments to identify, train, and equip pastors. Shortly after their return to the island, Faly created Madagascar 3M as an independent structure with a vision to work within and across denominations to mobilize and equip a new generation of servants of the Lord in Madagascar and beyond.

Posts by Faly Ravoahangy

Preach the Gospel, Use Soap if Necessary

Faly Ravoahangy | April 3, 2018

From the “Hall of Faith” of Hebrews 11, to those we desire to emulate in our era, we all have a spiritual legacy from which we can draw confidence in God’s faithfulness. We can look back on the example set for us by men like David Jones to preach the gospel, use soap if necessary.

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