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Associate Professor of Old Testament

B.A., Temple Baptist College
M. Div., The Master’s Seminary
Th. M., The Master’s Seminary
Th. D., The Master's Seminary

Dr. Murphy spent most of his formative years in Dayton, OH. He was an active participant in Boy Scouts and eventually became an Eagle Scout and the winner of the God and Country Award.

As a young adult, Dr. Murphy was predominantly interested in football and racquetball. As he describes it, life was “all about self” until the age of 29 when he met his future wife, Katherine, on a blind date. They dated for about three weeks before getting engaged. Katherine’s one stipulation was that he had to go to premarital counseling with her pastor.

The Lord used their time in pre-marital counseling to expose him to the Scriptures. Around that time he read The Gospel According to Jesus by John MacArthur. He came to understand that he had not been a Christian nor could he become one without the help of God and His sovereign grace. God was gracious to save Dr. Murphy and he was radically changed in August of 1992. In 1994, Katherine and Dr. Murphy were married.

After that, Dr. Murphy began listening to MacArthur tapes and signed up for the Grace To You tape lending program. He went to Bible college and then felt compelled to train for ministry at The Master’s Seminary in 1997.

Dr. Murphy graduated in May of 2000 with his M.Div. and went on to earn a Th.M. and a Th.D. from TMS. In 2000, he also began pastoring at Roosevelt Community Church in Lancaster, CA where he continues to pastor today. He began teaching at the Master's Seminary in the fall of 2008.

Dr. Murphy and Katherine have been married since 1994. They enjoy their two children, a son, Liam and a daughter, Madelyn. 

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