Honors Scholarship

At The Master’s Seminary, we are committed to investing in Christ’s church. While all of our training is for the advance of the Gospel, we are always looking for ways that we can more specifically and strategically benefit the church around the world. Through the generous contributions of our donors, we are now able to identify and support those applicants that show the clearest promise for fruitful ministry.

In the form of the Dr. Richard Mayhue Honors Scholarship, we are committed to providing promising applicants with the seminary education they need so that they can go out from the seminary and faithfully preach Christ to the world.

“We must reclaim the science and art of expository preaching for the coming generation. No one said it would be easy. It is quite the opposite. No other method of preaching requires so much work. At the same time, no other method rewards so richly.” – Dr. Richard Mayhue


Full Tuition

The honors scholarship at The Master’s Seminary will provide full tuition for up to 10% of the top incoming students in the M.Div. Program at the L.A. campus.

Three Years

The scholarship will be tenable for up to three years, meeting all needs for tuition within that time.


We acknowledge that each prospective student will bring a different mix of these attributes. There is no single formula that we are looking for, and our emphasis for this scholarship program is a well-rounded individual who shows significant aptitude for future ministry. Applicants will be considered on the criteria below:

Proven Character
Ministry Experience
Potential Impact
Academic Excellence


  1. New Students: Before applying for the honor’s scholarship, students must be accepted into the M.Div. program. Online students transitioning to the L.A. campus are also welcome to apply.
  2. Scholarship Application: Next, students must apply for the honors scholarship. For access to the application, please visit our financial aid page.
  3. Review Committee: Then, applicants will be carefully considered by top administrators at The Master’s Seminary. During this stage, potential recipients will be contacted for interviews.
  4. Award: Up to 10% of incoming students will be chosen to receive the full-tuition scholarship.


Please note, TMS is not able to provide feedback to all applicants regarding their consideration for the scholarship.

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