Financial Information

Our administration works hard to provide the highest level of education at the lowest possible price. Through sacrificial gifts donated by friends of the seminary, tuition costs reflect about a 40 percent automatic scholarship applied to every admitted student. Further tuition assistance may be available with Financial Aid.

The Student Accounts Office is responsible for processing student account charges, collecting payments, processing refunds, distributing monthly itemized statements, and providing customer service to our students.


M.Div, B.Th., Dip.Th. 

Full-time (L.A.): $425 per unit, $280 per unit with scholarship
Part-time (L.A.)$495 per unit
Summer (L.A.): $380 per unit
Winter (L.A.): $380 per unit
Distance Locations: $425 per unit
Online: $495 per unit

Cost of Living (3 years)
Cost of Living (4 years)


$495 per unit

Cost of Living (3 years)


$2,750 per semester


$750 per unit
$600 per exam

Student Service Fee

M.Div, B.Th. Dip.Th. 

L.A.: $250 per semester
Distance Locations: $250 per semester
$125 per semester


$125 per term


$125 per semester


$250 per semester

Shepherds’ Conference Fee

M.Div., B.Th., Dip.Th.

L.A.:  $150 per spring semester

All other students may register at the L.A. rate by following these instructions. 

Pre-registration Fee

All degrees: $35 per semester/term

Payment Plan Administrative Fee

All degrees: $85 per semester

Mandatory Health Insurance 

An estimated annual (August 1 through July 31) Health Insurance Premium of $2,094 will be charged unless the student signs the insurance waiver (i.e. if the student does not have his or her own health insurance). The premium for the year will be charged to the fall semester.

Refund Schedules

If you need to drop a class, you may be eligible to receive money back. Refunds are calculated by which week of the term you are in at the time you communicate to the Registrar you would like to drop the class.

Standard 16-week courses

No Attendance 100%
Week 1 – 100%
Week 2 – 100%
Week 3 – 75%
Week 4 – 60%
Week 5 – 45%
Week 6 – 30%
Week 7 – 15%
Week 8 – 5%
Week 9 or later – 0%

Online 8-week courses

No Attendance 100%
Week 1 – 100%
Week 2 – 75%
Week 3 – 50%
Week 4 or later – 0%

The Master’s Seminary reserves the right to change, without notice, any charges, fees or policies listed on this website.

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