Financial Information

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We understand that finances are an important factor in choosing when and where to attend seminary. That is why our administration works hard to provide the highest level of education at the lowest possible price. Through sacrificial gifts donated by friends of the seminary, tuition costs reflect about a 40 percent automatic scholarship applied to every admitted student.

The seminary also offers a matching-funds program designed to assist students financially through a partnership with their home church. For every three dollars contributed by the student’s home church, TMS will pay one dollar, up to $400 per semester. The matching-funds program provides churches with a unique and substantial way to invest in preparing the next generation of church leaders.

Counting the Cost

Ultimately, while the seminary does much to mitigate the costs of tuition and expenses, the cost of moving one’s family to live in a new part of the country (or world!) will always require great diligence in preparation and planning. All forms of academic instruction have costs, but those costs must be weighed against the lifetime benefits of the instruction received and opportunities available for future vocation.


M.Div, B.Th., Dip.Th. L.A. full-time

$380 a unit

M.Div, B.Th., Dip.Th L.A. part-time

$480 a unit

M.Div, B.Th., Dip.Th distance locations

$425 a unit

M.Div, B.Th. Dip.Th on campus summer

$380 a unit

M.Div, B.Th., Dip.Th online students

$495 a unit

Th.M. classes

$495 a unit


$2,750 a semester


$3,000 a semester

Student Service Fee

M.Div, B.Th. Dip.Th. on campus students (fall/spring)

$250 a semester

M.Div, B.Th. Dip.Th. distance locations students (fall/spring)

$250 a semester

M.Div, B.Th. Dip.Th. online students (fall/spring)

$125 a semester

Th.M. students (fall/spring/modular terms)

$125 a semester

D.Min. (fall/spring)

$125 a semester

Ph.D. (fall/spring)

$125 a semester

Pre-registration Fee

All degrees (fall/spring/summer)


Mandatory Health Insurance
An estimated annual (August 1 through July 31) Health Insurance Premium of $2,094 will be charged unless the student signs the insurance waiver (i.e. if the student does not have his or her own health insurance). The premium for the year will be charged to the fall semester.

Payment Plan Administrative Fee
A fee of $85 per semester is charged if the student chooses the 5-month payment plan.

*The Master’s Seminary reserves the right to change, without notice, any charges, fees or policies listed on this website.