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Welcome to The Master’s Seminary Library!

The purpose of TMS Library is primarily to serve the faculty, staff, student, and alumni body of TMS (see TMS Library Mission Statement). But we also welcome anybody over 16 years of age to use the facilities and resources of TMS Library.

Please follow the guidelines below while you visit TMS Library.

Patron Borrowing Privileges

TMS faculty, staff, students, and alumni have automatic borrowing privileges at TMS Library.

Faculty, staff, and students of The Master’s University may use their TMU library card to utilize TMS Library.

All patrons who are not current TMS/TMU faculty, staff, or students must provide picture identification (such as a driver’s license) and complete an application in order to receive a TMS Library card.

Members of Grace Community Church, students of the Logos Bible Institute, and students of SCATLA-member institutions may obtain borrowing privileges by paying a one-time fee of $5.00 for a library card (cash or check only). All other patrons of TMS Library must pay the one-time fee of $5.00 and a yearly $25.00 fee in order to receive a TMS Library card.

An active e-mail account is required for all individuals who wish to gain borrowing privileges.

Lost library cards can be replaced for a $5.00 replacement fee.

Please note that you may not check out materials without a valid library card.

Due to closing procedures, please have your books checked out or renewed 15 minutes prior to the Library’s closing time.

Library Demeanor

In order to maintain an atmosphere of research and studying we ask you to refrain from talking in the Library, particularly in the Reference and Periodical Reading Rooms.

The Seminary’s dress code is in effect for all TMS students using the Library on class days. We ask that all patrons refrain from being bare-foot, shirtless or wearing open shirts. Please also wear closed shoes.

Eating and Drinking in the Library

Please do not bring food or drink items into the Library.

Use of Library Materials

Please use care when using TMS Library materials. Please refrain from bending pages, marking, underlining, or notating in books or periodicals.

Please place all Library materials which you are not checking out on the book carts located throughout the Library.

Please do not store any Library materials in your car since this may cause heat damage to the items.

Costs incurred because of lost or damaged Library materials are the responsibility of the borrowing patron.

Please do not access any materials from the Theological Research Exchange Network (TREN). Please instead request such materials through the Inter-Library-Loan services.

Circulation Policies

Circulating materials may be checked out at the Circulation Desk on the first floor of the Library. Please remember that you as the borrowing patron are responsible for remembering the due dates of items. Patrons can use their Library account online or contact the Library Circulation Desk to check on due dates.

Typically books and CDs are loaned for a three (3) week period. DVDs are loaned for a one (1) week period.

TMS M.Div. students can borrow up to 25 items, 12 items on a single subject.

TMS Th.M. and D.Min. students can borrow up to 50 items without an item limit on a single subject.

TMS Faculty members can borrow up to 100 items without an item limit on a single subject.

TMS Staff members can borrow up to 25 items without an item limit on a single subject.

Members of Grace Community Church of the Valley can borrow up to 12 items, 6 items on a single subject.

All other patrons are able to borrow up to 4 items.

Please do not remove periodicals and reference materials from the Library.

Please do not move Library items across state or country lines without written permission from the Directory of Library Services.

Please return all circulating items personally to TMS Library. During Library business hours please return items to the book return drop box at the circulation desk. Please use the after-hours book return drop box in the lobby of TMS to return items when the Library is closed.

Please do not borrow Library items for another individual. The borrowed books are the sole responsibility of the patron who checks them out.

Please return Reserve items to a TMS Library staff member. Please do not place Reserve items into the return book drop.

TMS Library items may not be returned through a mail carrier (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.), the inter-office mail system, or through the Robert L. Powell Library (TMU). TMS Library does not accept returns of Robert L. Powell Library resources. Serious or repeated violations of this policy will result in the loss of library privileges.


Items may be renewed in person, over the phone, or online on or before the due date.

Renewals may not be possible if (a) another patron has requested the title or (b) the borrowing patron’s account is blocked due to an overdue item and/or outstanding fine.

Overdue items continue to accrue late-fines until they are returned to TMS Library.

Recalled Items

On occasion, TMS Faculty will request that an item be put on reserve for class use. If you have such an item checked out, TMS Library Staff will contact you and request that you return the item to the Library within three days. A $1 per day fine will be assessed if the item is not returned within three days.

Reserve Materials

Reserve reading materials are located behind the Circulation Desk for TMS Students’ use.

A Student is permitted to check out a maximum of two (2) reserve items at a time.

Reserve items are borrowed for a 2-hour loan period and must be used in the Library. Reserve items may be borrowed overnight if the item(s) are checked out one hour before the Library’s closing. In this case, the Reserve item(s) must be returned within an hour after the Library opens the following business day.

Please contact the Circulation Desk Manager if you have any questions pertaining to Reserve materials.


TMS Library welcomes donations during its operating hours. If possible, arrangements for donations should be made in advance to ensure that they meet the vision and mission of TMS Library. Please contact us at 818-909-5545 or library@tms.edu to arrange for a mutually acceptable time.

In general, TMS Library accepts donations of books, DVDs, Blue-Rays, and theological journals in good condition.

TMS Library does not accept donations of newspapers, encyclopedias (such as older editions of World Book Encyclopedia), old issues of popular magazines, VHS or audio cassette tapes, and items in moldy, severely damaged, or otherwise physically poor condition.

All donations must be transported onto the TMS campus and be dropped off in the Library. Due to liability concerns, donations cannot be picked up from an offsite location by TMS Library staff.

Donations will not be accepted if they are made with restrictions or conditions. Once items are donated they become the property of TMS Library. The Library staff will determine whether items are added to the Library’s collection, sold in the Library’s book sale, or recycled. Donations, in whole or part, will not be returned to the donor.

Upon request TMS Library will gladly provide a donation receipt for tax purposes. The Library is neither equipped nor legally permitted to determine the value of donations.

Fines and Fees

Please note that all payments made to TMS Library must be made via cash or check.

The overdue fine for a circulating book is $0.25 per day.

The overdue fine for a circulating CD is $0.25 per day.

The overdue fine for a DVD is $1.00 per day.

The overdue fine for a reserve item is $1.00 per minute over the 2 hour loan period.

Patrons who lose or severely damage Library materials will incur a replacement fine of at least $100 (as determined by the Director of Library Services). The loss or damage of an individual item that is part of a set (such as a multi-part DVD set) will require the replacement of the entire set.

An item will automatically be considered “Lost” if it has not been returned within 30 days of its due date. The Library system will automatically assess the lost replacement fine to the patron’s account.

Any patron account that accumulates fees and/or fines of $2.50 or more will automatically be blocked from borrowing and renewal privileges until the account balance is less than $2.50.

In cases of consistent/repeated disregard of circulation policies, patrons will lose their borrowing privileges. Unpaid fines of TMS and TMU students will be charged to the respective student’s account.

Emergency Situations

Emergency exits are located on the north and south ends of the first floor of the Library. In the basement there are two stairwells which lead to the first floor, one at the north end and the other at the south end. Please make yourself familiar with these emergency exits.

In the event of an emergency or a fire alarm please immediately proceed to the nearest accessible exit and go to the parking lot west of the building. A speedy exit from the building is essential for your personal safety and to keep the area clear for responding personnel. Please DO NOT delay exiting the building by gathering personal items.

Obeying Directives from the Library Staff

The Library staff is here to serve you and to ensure the orderly operation of the Library. They are empowered to make decisions regarding questions and interpretation of Library policies in the absence of the Director of Library Services. Any verbal abuse, argumentative behavior, or failure to respond to directives of any member of the Library Staff is treated as a very serious matter. The staff is authorized to ask a patron to leave the facility and may call campus security if needed to enforce that directive. All such incidents are reviewed by the Director of Library Services. In severe cases, patrons, regardless of type, may have their library privileges revoked for such a violation and may face legal actions as determined by the leadership of The Master’s Seminary and Grace Community Church of the Valley.


In conclusion, please remember that TMS Library Staff Members have clear and specific directives from the Director of Library Services regarding all policies. Any deviation from standard practice must have direct written or verbal approval from the Director of Library Services.

If you have any questions about TMS Library or its policies please feel free to contact us in person or at:

Phone: 1.818.909.5545     Email: library@tms.edu