The Master’s Seminary Online

A Strategic Head Start

Online courses are designed to assist Master of Divinity (M.Div.) students by providing them with introductory coursework that prepares them for the rigors of seminary training. Approximately 30% of our M.Div. is available online. While studying from home, students are able to make provision for their upcoming move to Los Angeles or to one of our distance locations.

These courses provide the same quality instruction as our on-campus courses but are offered in the form of video modules with regular interaction and feedback. Learn the material around your schedule, and receive individualized support as you progress through each subject. Online courses cost $495 per unit.

Available Courses

Old Testament Studies 1 | BI501 | 3 units
Old Testament Studies 2 | BI502 | 3 units
New Testament Studies | BI601 | 3 units
Gospel of Luke | BI678 | 2 units
Hermeneutics | BI505 | 3 units
Historical Theology 1 | TH507 | 3 units

Historical Theology 2 | TH508 | 3 units
Apologetics and Evangelism | TH602 | 3 units
Grammar, Research, and Writing | PM505 | 2 units
Pastoral Counseling | PM512a | 3 units
History of Expository Preaching | PM601 | 1 unit
New Testament History | NT672 | 2 units

Course descriptions are located in the Academic Catalog. Please note that online courses for on-campus students differ from this list.