Don’t let your career keep you from your calling

Introducing full training for those with a full-time schedule

Four Year Plan

Total On-Campus Units: 51
Total Units Taken by Arrangement: 11
Total Units Online Units: 36

Most courses meet 3 Saturdays per month, during Fall & Spring semesters, from 8 AM – 5 PM.

Modular courses generally meet for 1 week, either in Fall or Spring semesters.

Global Gospel Advancement

For the Full-Time Worker

Experience the full depth of theological education offered by The Master’s Seminary while maintaining a standard work week.

For the Full-Time Pastor

Receive practical training for real-life ministry from professors who are also pastors. Our faculty shares your passion for the local church.

For the Commuter

Reduce the time you spend sitting in traffic without sacrificing educational quality of missing out on life-on-life mentoring and discipleship.

For Anyone Waiting to Get Started

Take the next step in your study of God’s Word and in your ability to minister effectively to others.

Program Overview

The Master of Divinity program is designed to provide a broad, biblical, theological, and practical foundation for those entering pastoral, missionary, or other Christian education ministries.

7 Bible Courses — 20 units
10 Language Courses — 25 units
6 Theology Courses — 18 units
6 Ministry Courses — 15 units
5 Preaching Courses — 10 units
5 Elective Courses — 10 units

Program Requirements

A continued standard of character in accordance with 1 Tim 3:1-7 — a life of consistent Christian testimony and faithful service to the local church — and an accredited Bachelor degree. For those without a completed Bachelor degree, the curriculum is offered as a Bachelor of Theology or a Diploma of Theology.

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