Faithful Scholarship

The church needs faithful scholarship - it needs men who are specially trained and equipped to defend the Word of God and refute error.



During academic residency


per unit

Per semester of residency
+ additional program fees



Residential program in Los Angeles
(European model)

Program Purpose

The Ph.D. program exists to prepare pastors, and equippers of pastors to further sharpen their exegetical and theological skills in order to fill professorships in seminary and college/university Biblical Studies faculties, as well as to fulfill a calling in theological writing.

Faithful Expert

Enabling students to develop an expertise in a specialized area of biblical and theological study through original research.

Equipped Defender

Training men to use their expertise to defend ideas and to refute error among peers, in the church, and society.

Responsible Scholar

Equipping men to present ideas effectively through writing, researching, and teaching.
"The Master's Seminary is commited to a Ph.D. program at the highest level of academic training."

- John MacArthur

Program Details

Specialize in Old Testament, New Testament, or Theology.
Regular one-on-one mentoring with advisor.
2-3 year residential program in Los Angeles.
No traditional coursework: 24 credit hours of dissertation-directed research and writing.
Residency required after Qualifying Exams and German language exam (exams at beginning of program).
Full faculty review each semester (Dissertation Prospectus, 3 Colloquia, Defence).
No "A.B.D." option - Dissertation writing begins in first semester.

Entrance Requirements

Pre-matriculation qualifying exams off-site, then relocation to L.A. and research/write dissertation.
Two qualifying exams in chosen major; plus Theological German exam.
Program is based on a (post-M.Div.) Master of Theology (Th.M.) degree requiring approx. 26 credit hours of course work plus an acceptable research thesis and proficiency in the biblical languages.
GPA of 3.5 or above in previous seminary studies; GRE may be required.
Meets ministry qualifications (cf. 1 Tim 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9).
Agreement with the TMS Doctrinal Statement.
Evidences prior in teaching effectiveness and pastoral capabilities.
Applicants coming from outside of the United States need to be aware of specific requirements for International students.