Office of Graduate Placement

The Master’s Seminary is committed to local churches. We do not exist simply so that we can graduate a certain amount of students, but rather our goal is that every graduate of The Master’s Seminary find a ministry. Because of this, we have a unique emphasis on placing graduates within churches. We provide an opportunity for churches looking to fill a pastoral position to contact reliable, faithful candidates. Further, we provide support for graduates currently searching for a pastoral position until they are placed within a church.

Find a Pastor for Your Church

If you are a church seeking to fill a pastoral position—we’re here to help. We have designed a system to connect you with our graduates who are in the process of candidating for various pastoral position. To get started, please set up a profile and our office will be in communication with you throughout the process.

Find a Pastor

Graduates Looking for Placement Opportunities

If you are a graduate of TMS looking to begin the placement process, please fill out a graduate profile on our system, and we’ll begin the process of connecting you with placement opportunities.

Find Placement Opportunities

Contact Details

Whether you’re a church looking to fill a position or a graduate looking to fill that position, feel free to reach out to our department anytime. We’re here to serve you.

Director of Graduate Placement

Carl A. Hargrove
Phone: 818.909.5564

Carl is a graduate of The Master’s Seminary, having earned M.Div., Th.M., and D.Min. degrees. He is Dean of Students and an Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministry. He is a certified counselor with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). Carl works diligently to ensure TMS men are “placeable” at the end of their time here, not only so that they may find a church, but so that the church that receives them finds a qualified shepherd. It is important that you begin thinking about placement options long before graduation. Give the Placement Office a call early on in your studies to begin thinking of the ways you can be developing your skills and abilities in preparation for full-time ministry.