Getting the Word Out: How to Communicate the Gospel to Today's World

By Theodore Baehr
San Francisco : Harper & Row Publishers (1986). 337 Pages.

Reviewed by
2.1 (Spring 1991) : 100-101

Pastors and other Christian workers occasionally sense the need to use the media in some way. Theodore Baehr's breadth of knowledge about and experience with the media and his commitment to use it for Jesus Christ make this work a rich source of practical information.

The book's clear expression and thoughtful organization model the author's commitment to communication. In the first of three sections, he explains the foundation of powerful communication by asking and answering the questions, "How Do I Communicate?," "Why Do I Want to Communicate?," "Who Am I?," "Who is My audience?," "What Am I Communicating?," and "What about Genre?"

With this as a basis for the next section, Baehr shows how to communicate successfully through the media. Again, he asks and then answers several questions: "What Medium Should I Use?," "What About Television?," "What About Radio and Auditory Media?," "What About Public Speaking?," and "What About Print Media?"

The author concludes the book with the question, `What does God want me to say?' Here he stresses production quality, individual motives, and discusses available resources.