Let it Grow

By Josh Hunt
Grand Rapids : Baker (1993). 199 Pages.

Reviewed by Dr. Alex Montoya
4.2 (Fall 1993) : 236-236

The subtitle of this book, "Changing to Multi-Congregational Churches," tells Hunt's basis thesis. The book is in two parts: "Exploring the Multi-Congregational Model" and "Implementing the Multi- Congregational Model."

Let It Grow strikes at a common sense approach to church growth. Instead of expending large resources to build larger churches, why not increase the number of services in a given church? Existing churches can also find use in housing various types of worship services to accommodate different preferences. The facilities can also house different congregations.

Hunt does an excellent job of presenting a rationale for multicongregational churches in America. Those who minister in highdensity- population areas and in ethnically changing communities will profit from his ideas. The approach is highly innovative, but practical and reasonable.

Unfortunately,Let It Grow is permeated with principles and practices of the church-growth movement whereby principles take a back seat to pragmatism. Nevertheless, its basic tenet is a viable tool for church growth as the church moves into the first decade of the twenty-first century.