HOUSING INFORMATION cites Los Angeles as one of the top 25 cities with the highest job growth and best job markets. Diverse in geography, recreation, culture, lifestyle and economic industry, California is a highly desirable location for all types of residents.

Most students who move to southern California at least one month before classes begin will find a job before school begins. We'll assist you in the job search through our TMS Weekly, a four to five page information brief highlighting jobs, apartment rentals, items for sale and "give-aways." It includes items provided by businesses that have developed a relationship with the seminary based on the excellent work done by previous students. Additional information comes from the 7,000 to 8,000 people who attend Grace Community Church who have businesses in the area or know of job opportunities.

This same type of networking is helpful when students are looking for a place to live. With some 39,000 apartments vacant in Southern California on any given day, the choice is usually made by cost and distance from the seminary. Most of the students are grouped in 15-20 complexes in the area, giving them close proximity to TMS connected study groups, babysitting prospects, and carpooling opportunities. In many cases, our students serve as apartment managers, greatly reducing the rent. Of course, when it comes time to move-in or move-out, students and staff are eager to help.

Housing is plentiful and varied in Southern California. We encourage students to seek housing in the communities listed below for because they represent a proven combination of modest housing costs, proximity to TMS, and safety and family friendliness. Please use this map as a resource to help you assess and research the opportunities of the communities near us.

if you have any questions please Contact our Admissions department for further information.

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