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All Seminary Wives messages may be reproduced for ministry use.

Date Title Author Downloads
1/29/2014   The Grand Narrative of the Bible Keith Essex Notes   Audio  
9/18/2013   Testimony Rebecca Broersma Audio  
9/18/2013   Testimony Telda Peskett Audio  
11/20/2013   Testimony Betsy Harris Audio  
4/9/2014   Testimony Tonya Moss Audio  
4/9/2014   Testimony Kristy Watson Audio  
3/12/2014   Sitting at the Feet of Jesus Missy Mehringer Notes   Audio  
10/9/2013   Sharpening Our Teaching Skills 2 Betty Price Notes   Audio  
10/2/2013   Sharpening Our Teaching Skills 1 Betty Price Notes   Audio  
3/26/2014   Preparing for Change: Entering and Departing a Ministry Lisa Hughes Audio  
4/2/2014   How Can a Woman Best Serve in a Local Church? John Street Notes   Audio  
2/19/2014   Hope for Stressed-Out Ministry Wives Janie Street Notes   Audio  
2/26/2014   Finding Peace in the Midst of the Stresses of Ministry Bob Somerville Notes   Audio  
2/26/2014   Finding Peace in the Midst of the Stresses of Ministry Mary Somerville Notes   Audio  
10/23/2013   Evangelism By Use Of A Parable Karen Busenitz Audio  
11/13/2013   Equipping to Encourage Others, Part 2 Donna Shannon Audio  
11/6/2013   Equipping to Encourage Others Donna Shannon Notes   Audio  
9/25/2013   Equipped to do God's Will Keith Essex Audio  
2/5/2014   Discipling the Next Generation Marlean Felix Notes   Audio  
2/12/2014   Cultivating a Missions Vision in Your Children Mark Tatlock Notes   Audio  
10/30/2013   An Overview Of Women's Ministries Lauren Brown Audio  
3/19/2014   A Foundation for Event Planning Lauren Brown Audio  
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