Israel Field Studies

The Master’s Seminary frequently offers field studies in Israel. The two formats for travel and experience include (1) studies in the land of the Bible, where students traverse the Holy Land, with adventures and lectures from faculty along the way; and (2) archaeological digs, where students have opportunity to spend every day participating in a historic operation. The seminary-sponsored dig at Khirbet el-Maqatir has already resulted in finds dating from the time of Jesus and even as far back as the days of Joshua. In fact, Christianity Today listed the discovery of an Egyptian Scarab there as the number one archaeological find of 2013.

Please note there are only 40 spots available for the Israel studies trip and first preference is for current TMS students and TMS Alumni. A $500 deposit is required for all non-students (alumni or student wives must place a deposit). Registration is open for students, alumni, and wives.

If you are even considering going on the trip please begin the process of obtaining a US passport. If your passport is scheduled to expire on or before December 2014, you need to renew your passport for this trip. If you are not traveling on a United States Passport, please check with your consular office for VISA requirements to travel to Israel. Be certain to advise your consular office that this trip is being done in conjunction with your seminary studies.

Please remember that this is a fairly rigorous field study program. If you are not exercising regularly, you should begin a walking/exercise regimen now.

For all trip related questions, please contact
Dr. Dennis Swanson  (
Director of Israel Studies
13248 Roscoe Blvd
Sun Valley, CA 91352


Exciting Features

  1. Nearly three weeks in Israel
  2. A day of digging at a working archaeological Site
  3. Special lectures
  4. Daily instruction from the IBEX Faculty
  5. Several “free” days in Jerusalem for personal exploration

MBC-Masada1Academic Features

  1. Up to four units of credit TMS credit for students
  2. Two Units for the Spring Geography of Israel Class
    Tuition costs for the class are applied directly to the cost of the trip
  3. Two Units for the Summer School Field Studies in Israel course
  4. Course Credit can be applied to M.Div or Th.M Programs

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