Chronological and Background Charts of the Old Testament. Revised and Expanded Edition.

By John H. Walton
Grand Rapids : Zondervan (1994). Pages.

Reviewed by Dr. Michael Grisanti
10.2 (Fall 1999) : 318-318

The present volume is one of five chronological and background chart books published by Zondervan (the others deal with theology, church history, New Testament, and philosophy). This edition of the OT chart book represents a significant revision of the original volume published in 1978, adding forty-two new charts and eighteen revised charts. Walton divides the charts (total of 93) into four subject categories: sections of the canon, ancient Near East, Bible study, and miscellaneous. The first section covers the customary divisions of the OT (Pentateuch, historical books, poetic literature, and prophetic literature) and devotes a section to Genesis and a section to the battles of the OT. The ANE section encompasses history and chronology, archaeology, and literature and religion. The Bible study section deals with text and language issues (including an interesting chart on principles for word studies), comparison charts (e.g., creation, sons of God, chronological system s, flood, Jephthah’s daughter, etc.), and overviews of certain theological topics (e.g., messiah, angel of the LORD, Satan, etc). The final section (misc.) provides a chart that enables the reader to quickly calculate the distance between major cities and to determine the significance of OT weights and measures. A thorough subject index concludes the volume and greatly adds to its value.

This collection of charts provides a great resource for any student of the Old Testament. The visual arrangement of important material will almost always help the student of God’s Word or his audience to understand better the meaning of the text they are studying.