A Biblical Case for Total Inerrance: How Jesus Viewed the Old Testament

By Robert P. Lightner
Grand Rapids : Kregel (1998). 184 Pages.

Reviewed by Dr. Larry Pettegrew
10.2 (Fall 1999) : 311-311

This updated edition of The Saviour and the Scriptures fulfills the need to have a basic book on the inerrancy of the Scripture in one’s library. Lightner, Professor Emeritus of Theology at Dallas Seminary, takes a strong stand on inerrancy. He writes, “The author believes firmly in the total inerrancy of Scripture. He believes, without any qualification, that the words of the entire Old And New Testaments in the original autograpnhs are the inspired words of God.” To demonstrate the doctrine of inerrancy from the teaching of Christ, Lightner writes chapters on the use, the origin, the inspiration, and the authority of Scripture in the Savior’s teaching. In addition, the book has chapters on contemporary denials of inerrancy in neo-orthodoxy, neo-liberalism, and new evangelicalism.

One of the helpful features of this updated edition is an appendix on Sola Scriptura. Lightner shows that the framers and signers of the document, “Evangelicals and Catholics Together” “failed to take seriously the two most basic issues over which the Reformers and the Roman Church differ—sola scriptura and sola fide.

The book is clearly written, well-outlined, and easily read. For pastors or Sunday School teachers, it could certainly be the basis for an important series of sermons or Sunday School lessons on the doctrine of Scripture. For any Christian, it will help clear up the questions concerning God’s holy Word that infect the modern church.