What the Bible Says about Angels

By David Jeremiah
Sisters, OR : Multnomah (1996). 237 Pages.

Reviewed by Thomas Halstead
9.2 (Fall 1998) : 239-239

With interest in the subject of angels at a fever pitch in today’s society, reading this work by Dr. Jeremiah is refreshing because he gets away from the contemporary focus on angels to concentrate on what the Bible says. As endorsements on the book jacket state, this is a welcome work reflecting a theologian’s concern, a pastor’s heart, and a biblicist’s accuracy. It furnishes an encouraging look into God’s powerful messengers and what that says about the Creator.

The purpose of the book appears in chaps. 10 and 11 when the author focuses on two important lessons readers can learn from angels: “We can learn to worship the Lord with all our heart,” and “we can learn the great joy of obeying God quickly.” Those two chapters are excellent applications of the truths stated in the first nine chapters, and they bring the subject to a proper climax.

Though the book contains no new information that has not already appeared in systematic theology books, Jeremiah has organized his material in a refreshing way that makes it quite readable for laymen. One of the most obvious strengths of the book is the biblical support given for every point made. That gives the work the biblical authority needed today. The author also covers several of the main issues discussed today in angelology: (1) Who is the Angel of the Lord? (2) Do believers have Guardian angels? (3) Do the passages in Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28 refer to Satan? This reviewer was disappointed, however, in his discussion of the “angels of God” in Genesis 6, as he only states the possible views and does not divulge his preference.

One final concern is that of the 207 pages (13 chapters) devoted to God’s angels, only 14 pages (1 chapter) discusses demons or Satan’s angels. This is disappointing especially in light of the author’s statement that he has drawn the greatest response from his congregation when he has preached on the devil and his fallen angels. This part of the subject is deserving of greater attention.

Overall, this book will make a valuable contribution to the study of angels, and especially will help Christians to worship and obey the Lord more devotedly.