An Exegetical Bibliography of the New Testament: Romans and Galatians

By Gunter Wagner, ed.
Maconm, Georgia : Mercer University (1995). xiv + 379 Pages.

Reviewed by Dr. Dennis Swanson
7.2 (Fall 1996) : 287-288

The fourth and most recent volume in this proposed six-volume series, is a delight to both the librarian and the biblical researcher. The editor has developed a remarkable method for listing significant articles on individual verses and passages in the NT.

 Wagner has brought together an immense amount of research and organization to "enable the student to get down to research as quickly as possible without wasting days, even weeks, on the search for literature" (ix.) The design of the work is remarkably simple: in a verse-by-verse arrangement Wagner has listed all the articles that deal specifically with the particular verse or passage.

The sources correlated are extensive, if not exhaustive (for example there are over two hundred citations for Romans 12:1-2). He has indexed over three hundred theological journals from around the world. The book's beginning has a very helpful list of journal abbreviations. In addition to journal literature, it contains citations from significant theological works, multi-author works and festschriften. The format is clear and readable and the type-set is easy on the eye.

This volume will be valuable primarily to those in graduate or post-graduate biblical studies and those doing significant in-depth writing on NT themes. No theological library can afford to be without it (and the rest of the series). Although not intended for pastors, it would help them save research time on special projects.

In a day when technology has taken over almost every aspect of research, it is refreshing to see a book that shows computer wizards how a bibliographic database should look.