Be Decisive: Taking a Stand for the Truth

By Warren W. Wiersbe
Wheaton : Victor (1995). 207 Pages.

Reviewed by Dr. Dennis Swanson
7.1 (Spring 1996) : 143-144

Continuing this well-known and appreciated series of OT studies, Wiersbe has brought his skills of clarity and synthesis to bear on the Book of Jeremiah. As with all of the books in the "Be" series, it is primarily designed for use in Bible studies or Sunday School. A leader's guide is available to facilitate using this book's thirteen chapters as a Bible study resource.

Wiersbe's comments revolve around the main thematic issues of Jeremiah, with some lessons covering as many as five chapters. Though his comments are sometimes brief and often bypass entire passages, the work is by no means superficial; the comments have the support of sixteen pages of notes, a remarkable feature for a book of this type. Wiersbe's strength lies in his ability to synthesize in a clear, easy-to-read style an enormous amount of background material, Scripture cross-references, comments from other writers, and his own thoughts.

His study of Jeremiah emphasizes the decisive leadership of the prophet and his tireless efforts in proclaiming God's message to a rebellious nation. The lessons Wiersbe brings out will serve the reader well, whether he is a pastor dealing with discouragement in the ministry or a layman seeking to understand the flow of the "weeping prophet's" writing. This reviewer highly recommends the book.